Hi! I’m Lauren Gautier, founder and owner of bedazzy. I live in New York City, where I am mom to two energetic daughters. As a native Vermonter, I am often struck by how different their busy urban childhood will be from my own. I embrace the differences, mostly, but hope that they will grow up knowing how to entertain themselves, with imagination and without being stuck to a screen. It is rare to find tech-free products that can hold a child’s interest for a chunk of time, day in and day out. The few that do share the essentials of being customizable and open-ended. Applying this insight to my professional experience in costuming and kids’ toys, I set out to create a dress up line as dynamic as the child wearing it.

**Special thanks and much credit goes to Patricia Juncosa, who was instrumental in propelling bedazzy from concept to reality. She will forever be at the heart of this project.

To get in touch, please contact me at Lauren@bedazzy.com